icebreakers for vikings

the drinking game


What is Icebreakers for Vikings?

Icebreakers for Vikings is a fun and vulgar drinking card game for adults!

Guaranteed to get you and your friends screaming Skål at the top of your lungs and having the best time!

Can you follow the rules?

Or will you drink?

The game contains excellent art, and highlights the amazing and rough era of Vikings and Norse mythology.



The game is epic!

Take the deck anywhere!

The cards are laminated and will not be ruined by spillage!

Fast and easy to learn rules!

Support a microbusiness

Do you want to break the ice at parties?

Then, what are you waiting for???



Shuffle the deck, moving clockwise,

take turns drawing a card from the deck and read it out loud to all players.

Leave the card in front of you, until played.

Most rules are played for you round.

Some cards will be active immediately, some you can play whenever you want. 

Can you keep up with 17 missions and rules?



For adults!

Especially when playing with alcohol

For all personality types, no one is put on the spot alone!

This game will give you a common ground to loosen up and get social!

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about kartini

Welcome to my website!

You have now entered the realm of a one woman army who created the drinking game Icebreakers for Vikings!


I have hosted a lot of parties/business events/get togethers and always found myself frustrated with not finding something to break the ice of gatherings.


A decade ago, I decided to make my own game.

A game that is appropriate but fun, gets people to interact with each other, without putting anyone on the spot alone.

Awhile ago I decided to make the game available for everyone!


Scandinavian people do not spit in their glasses and they have amazing history.

The game brings out some highlights of Vikings and Norse mythology...each card has a character or a part of Viking life! 

The biggest passion for me, is making special moments for my family and friends.

I will pour hours and days into handcrafting games, cards, apparel designs, and events just to make that person feel as special as possible.

The drinking game was born out of this passion as well,

I wanted everyone to feel included in my parties! 

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