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icebreakers for vikings

the drinking game

Icebreakers for Vikings drinking game
Icebreakers for Vikings drinking game

ready to yell skål and raid?

A drinking game like no other!

Hilarious and


the ultimate party starter!

Follow the rules and missions...


can you keep up with the mayhem?

Or will you drink?

Icebreakers for Vikings drinking game
Icebreakers for Vikings logo

What is Icebreakers for Vikings?

Icebreakers for Vikings is a fun and vulgar drinking card game for adults!

Guaranteed to get you and your friends screaming Skål at the top of your lungs and having the best time!

Can you follow the rules?

Or will you drink?

The game contains excellent art, and highlights the amazing and rough era of Vikings and Norse mythology.

What sets Icebreakers for Vikings apart from other drinking games is that you can play the game with anyone!

No embarassing questions or dares!

A simple, effective game to start any party, and break the ice!

The cards are laminated, so when you spill, the cards are protected!

read what our customers around the world think:


What's in the game?

52 laminated cards

17 different rules and missions


Suggestions and stories behind the cards


 An adult party card game, suitable for all personality types. A game that is appropriate but fun, gets people to interact with each other, without putting anyone on the spot alone.
The game brings out some highlights of Vikings and Norse mythology. The game is simple yet versatile, and guarantees belly laughs each time!


Shuffle the deck and place it face down in the middle of all the players.
Moving clockwise, take turns drawing a card from the deck and read it out loud and place it in front of you. Most rules are in play for one round.
Some of the rules must be put into action immediately and some of the cards can be played by the player who drew the card, whenever they feel it is suitable.
Once there are a couple rule cards in play, it becomes more confusing to keep track of what you must do!
Can you keep up or will you drink?

Our merchandise

Icebreakers for Vikings apparel is inspired by the heritage of our brand, and the boldness of Scandinavian history.

Icebreakers for Vikings apparel is perfect for anyone who either appreciates a good joke or just doesn't give a damn.

The shirt features an attractive design with a bit of sarcastic humor, you fully understand the meaning of,

if you know a little about Norse mythology!

 The hoodies and T-shirts are super comfortable to wear with a beautiful, large graphic on the front.

Our Icebreakers for Vikings drinking game and apparel make great gifts for any occasion.

All of our apparel have been put together in cooperation with friends from our local Viking community.

They know a thing or two about sarcasm and alcohol, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Check out the rest of our merchandise!

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about kARTINI

​ “I have a background in management, brand design, administration as well as makeup.

Best way to describe me, is a jack of a lot of random trades.

The biggest passion for me, is making special moments for my family and friends, I will pour hours and days into handcrafting games, cards, events just to make that person feel as special as possible.

The drinking game Icebreakers for Vikings was born out of this passion as well, I wanted everyone to feel included in my parties! And get drunk...”

-Kartini, creator of Icebreakers for Vikings

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