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ICEBREAKERS FOR VIKINGS - The drinking game by Kartini

This is the ultimate icebreaker/pre-party drinking game!

This game is suitable to be played with new friends, work friends or good friends!


This game is all about having fun, without being put on the spot or answering really personal questions…

Each card is a “mission” and either you win and someone else drinks, or you lose and you drink. It is more of a feel good and have a laugh drinking game.

Dive into the realm of the Viking era with your friends, have tons of fun and do not forget to SKÅL!!!


HOW TO PLAY Designed for at least 3 players ages 21 and up.

Suitable game for everyone, even the quiet ones.

Shuffle, Pick a card, Read the card aloud, Drink if you mess up!


Don’t worry if you’re the designated driver for the night. Anyone can participate!


WHATS INSIDE 52 playing cards, all of them designed to guarantee your party doesn’t turn into a night of awkward silence, or worse yet, boring dares that involve toilet paper.


PORTABLE Compact size and travel friendly. This is the perfect tabletop game, take it with you anywhere, a party, a bar, a picnic! All you need with you is the card pack and some drinks!



Icebreakers for Vikings drinking game

29,00 €Price
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