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Update on the game during Covid-19

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Greetings to you all!

Thank you for all of your support and love!!!🖤 Really warms our hearts, since this game is independently made without the backup of anyone. This game has our heart poured into it, as well as sweat and tears. Unfortunately our game is in lock-down. Right now, the only manufacturer and distributor is Game Crafter. Starting 27.3.2020 they have decided to shut down all work until 24.4.2020. You can still order, but you need to take into account that Game Crafter will begin production after 24.4.2020, and most probably they will have a queue. Even though this is unfortunate, we totally support their decision, our game is meant to be enjoyed, together in a group, and right now with Covid-19, that isn't possible and it also isn't smart to do. We will have time to play this once this is over, right now it is not the time. This pandemic that is affecting all of us globally might be our time's Ragnarok... Even though we are in this situation and cannot predict when this is over, and have no clue on what the actual effects and outcomes will be, this too will pass and the story of our worlds will begin a new. Please listen to your government's recommendations and stay safe. Stay at home, that is how you do your part in protecting your loved ones and others.

We will stay home, thinking of some fun things to bring to the table once it is possible again. We will also be working on finding other distributors as well as conjure up some giveaways etc. Skål to all of you! 🍻🖤 Stay brave and healthy! -Kartini

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