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Skål Podcast made an unboxing video of our game Icebreakers for Vikings!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The really awesome upside of social media, is that you can find like minded people and new opportunities!

I bumped into Kris Lusch through a Norse facebook group, where I had began to talk a little about Icebreakers for Vikings coming out. Kris was really supportive and interested in the game so I sent him a copy for him and the rest of the Skål Podcast to enjoy.

Skål Podcast made an unboxing video of our game, and there will be more to come!

Skål Podcast have weekly episodes where they discuss Norse religion, their relevance in current events, and general shenanigans.

They also try out different kinds of Meads and review them.

Their support means a lot, and we have been very excited for their take on the game!

You can watch the unboxing video here:

They will also be making a video of them playing the game and drinking some Mead!

So stay tuned for that!

You can go listen to their awesome podcast:

and you can find them on their social media pages: &

Have a good week and stay safe!


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