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Icebreakers for Vikings meets Handmadebywolfmoment

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I met this amazingly crafty lady called Typy on a Viking/Medievil Finnish Facebook group.

She does all kinds of crafts as a hobby; bone jewelry, drinking horns, runes, decorations out of tree roots...

You can find pictures of her creations on her instagram


I was so amazed when I saw everything she does, and the amount of heart she puts into everything!

She also breeds Saarloos Wolfhond dogs and uses every part of the game her husband hunts!

She is truly a Witch of eastern Finland!

I learned a lot about the horns and how they are turned into drinking horns!

The amount of time you boil them is crazy! And the smell of boiling some horns is something I cannot describe even. It's next level yuck.

She boils her horns outside, and has quite the gorgeous view whilst boiling.

Gorgeous Finnish nature surrounds the horn boiling "kettle".

Typy made me two horns and she gifted me with a gorgeous fox's intestinal bone necklace <3

She also boiled some XXXL drinking horns!!!

I am truly grateful that we stumbled upon each other on social media!

We are kindred spirits!

My game looks pretty amazing with her horns!!! Photo by TonyMarkusPhotography


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