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Icebreakers for Vikings goes to the Häme Medieval Festival!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

There is a magical and mystical event happening in Hämeenlinna this weekend.

And Icebreakers for Vikings will be a part of it!

Häme medieval festival is the biggest history enchantment festival in Finland, and I am so excited to be a part of it this year!

The entire Hämeenlinna castle park will be transformed into a completely different era!

When you step foot inside the festival, you will feel like you have traveled backwards in time, into the medieval ages!

Check out the trailer video for this year's event!

The program is exciting from morning until night!

From combats to handcrafts, to even a Pagan Forest!

You can quench your thirst at the tavern, or drop by #sikavankkurit for some true medieval food!

They have themed campsites for; Vikings, Medieval, Knights, Fantasy Camp for medieval fantasy fans and a Plastic Camp for ordinary campers. In order to be able to camp in a specific theme, all of your gear, from tents to bedding must fit that era.

I randomly (again in Facebook) crossed paths with the amazing people behind the festival in June, but that story is for another post :)

I had heard of the festival, but haven't experienced it before, so this week is going to be extra special for me personally.

Have a great week!

I will post about how the festival went, next week!


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