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A place for Pagans to unite in Finland; The Pagan Center crowdfunding campaign

What if there was a place, a community for all pagans to unite and gather?

What if that place was in an enchanting, gorgeous castle? (that used to be a mental asylum, and a military hospital and it's said to be haunted!?!)

What if that place has been abandoned for years and the City doesn't know what to do with it?

You'd probably say "In your dreams!"? Right?

Well... The thing is, it could actually be a thing. It could happen.

Two brave and fearless entrepreneur witches from Sysimaa Oy, Nina and Elina decided this NEEDS to happen! It's a go big or go home type of a situation.

In order for this to happen, we are calling on all you pagans and heathens to come and participate!

They've been researching and searching for a place where all pagans can go. One place to get all your pagan resources, to find likeminded people, to experience events, or even to celebrate your handfasting!

We are talking about a PAGAN COMMUNITY!

The main goal and vision is to have spaces inside the castle and around it, for everyone to enjoy and experience! To enjoy it's peace of nature, it's accepting social surroundings, it's inspiring activities, and mind opening get-togethers.

The Pagan center is a meeting place for all witches, druids, mystics, eclecticists, shamans, heathens, Finnish neopaganists, and all others who are inspired by the nature and our magical universe.

The mission of the center is to bring together all of the people and parties related to Paganism, to offer a space for the community, and a concentration of services and events in one place, where they are easily found and enjoyed by the entire community.

The Pagan Center will organize events that will be open for all. Anyone is welcome to visit the center! Part of the activities will be open and available daily.

There will be a library, a shop, treatments, space for various associations, temples and covens, a witch school, a garden for medicinal and magic herbs, and a space for domestic animals.

There is also an intention to organize ghost tours in the castle. Maybe even a pagan museum!?!

Where could one find this Pagan Center?

The Pagan Center is visioned to be at the Art Nouveau castle with all of it's buildings in Röykkä, Nurmijärvi.

The building, built in 1903, has operated over the years as a pulmonary health resort, military hospital and mental hospital. With the exception of a year as a reception center in 2015-2016, the castle has been almost empty since 1997. The deserted mental hospital has sparked numerous ghost stories, and several articles about the place have been written in the media over the years. In addition to the castle-like main building, there are other smaller buildings in the area.

The area also includes a large courtyard area, a garden, and a little forest and lake shore.

A very beautiful, and very rich place in history, a great setting for a pagan center, don't you think?

Who are the Visionaries behind the idea of the center?

Sysimaa Entrepreneurs Nina Sulkanen and Elina Sjöblom will be the unifying force of the project taking all operational responsibilities into their hands. These two eat, sleep and breath all things pagan, so you wouldn't be surprised to hear that their work revolves around paganism and witchcraft.

This dynamic duo is responsible for the annual Pagan Fall Fair since 2016! #pame

Where they need your help?

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Sysimaa chose crowdfunding for the Pagan Center project, so that the entire pagan community can get involved in building the center from the start.

The campaign needs to raise a minimum of € 350,000.

The money will be used, among other financing, entirely for the purchase and renovation of the property. In addition to the minimum amount, the condition for the success of the crowdfunding campaign is that the seller approves the offer and the related conditions according to which the Pagan Center is feasible. If the deal is canceled, the money will be returned to the funders in full.

You can purchase campaign rewards for the entire duration of the campaign, and more than one at a time. Some of the rewards will not be available until later in 2022. If necessary, you can negotiate when to use the rewards, after the end of the campaign.

Read more about the campaign and be a part of something very unique and amazing!

To go to the crowdfunding campaign:

Contact info:

Nina Sulkanen 0400788298

Elina Sjöblom

Newspaper article: HS 7.1.2022


Facebook group:


It's exciting to see what will happen!

Hopefully this dream turns into a reality!

A community for pagans is needed!

- Kartini

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