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A little piece of how the game was born...

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Hi There!

I love hosting parties; theme parties, birthdays, game nights, dinners, you name it, I most probably have hosted it!

Usually I've had mostly good friends at my parties, but sometimes, I had some new people join, who didn’t know anyone. Or better yet, I needed to host a pre party get-together with work friends…

Over ten years ago, I got frustrated since I couldn’t find the perfect drinking game…

You know the kind of game that is the perfect icebreaker for all kinds of gatherings?

All the party games I found had bizarre ass questions, that aren’t fun to ask, let alone answer in front of new people. Or then they would have these random “wrap yourself in toilet paper” dares.

Which honestly, pissed me off, since I was the one who got to clean all the aftermath of my party hosting…

So, I made my own pre party, icebreaker party game. I found the template online, uploaded pics and rules, printed them, cut them, laminated them and cut them again…

All that craftiness was worth it, since my parties were always full of laughter and fun, no one was put on the spot alone, and everyone left happy instead of embarrassed or regretting answering an awkward question in front of strangers.

Finally, I have decided to quit playing with my laminates and I have made my very first card game!

The game has a theme around Vikings and their era, each illustration has a deeper meaning to it, that you can read from the rule booklet!

I have poured all of me into the game and...

I am so frigging proud of it!!! The art, the theme, the graphics are exactly what I wanted!

I got so excited, I decided that I will publish this game (Indie style) for anyone to get for themselves!

This is my first time just making something I love and releasing it to the world, hoping others find it and love it as much as we (me and all my guests) love it!

If you like Vikings, like a twist of humor and enjoy drinking with your friends, you totally need to add this social experiment!!!

Join the website’s mailing list and be first in line to get the first edition ever of my drinking game; Icebreakers for Vikings! It will be out very soon!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Skål! -Maria Kartini

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